overseas clues

  • TASMANIA-Mt.WELLINGTON 1990 (42S/146.5E)
  • (Map 1:100.000 Tasmap entitled Derwent map ref.EN.195.492). On the slopes to Richards Monument on the Pinnacle track above the Springs. From the monument walk off on 280deg for 50 difficult paces to two large boulders from the highest of these go 10p N to a boot-shaped rock box is under instep.

  • LANZAROTE-TEGUISE-SB (28.57N/13.32W)
  • Box on opposite side of crater to the Castillo de Santa Barba. From box dome at LHS of castle 328.5deg Circular concrete column (trig point) 197.5deg & approx. 38p away. Box at side of a 4ft long lichen covered rock resting on another - above a shelf of similar type rock.
  • Box on opposite side of road to the Centro de Visitantes e Interpretacion de Mancha Blanca (Timanfaya Visitors Centre). Centre of ruined building 147deg. Devil 233deg. Ladders at Visitor Centre 276.5deg. Nearest road signs 329deg & 25deg. Box hidden behind stones at base of mound of lava with lichen on top - on SE side. Pointed mound 1p away on 256deg Box approx. 17p from edge of road.
  • Mt.TEIDE-ISLANDS No1 (28.25N/16.6W)
  • Spains highest mountain. Find two rocks 3'x 1.5' + 4'x 3'. Box buried behind the higher one. Obvious high point 35.5deg. Hut 347deg. Lone tree on tor approx. 178deg Road disappears 331deg Tinners hut 10p 307deg.

  • POREC MEMORIAL-WISH YOU WERE HERE-A&J (N 45 15.611 E 13 35.630)
  • Take the road closest to the coast out of Porec (listeria) north towards Cavar Porat for about 6km. From yellow sign marked Saladinka on west side of the road go approx. 300-500 yards along road to a memorial to Bruno Valenti 12.11.1945 standing between three cypress trees also on west side of road. Go 50p 332deg to oak beside road then 33p 219deg. To box under a pile of stones beside small white rock 1p from larger overhung by tall prickly shrub.

  • From Roc Trevezel signpost at car park on the D785 Morlaix/Quimper road - follow obvious path up to ridge then turn right along path to the wooden signpost at the junction of the paths. Box is sited in a small cave covered by small slate slabs. From box wooden signpost at junction of paths 114.5deg & 55p away. From above site TV mast 68deg White chimney stack at power station 157deg Chapel at top of Montagne St.Michel 208deg Nearest church spire 289deg Nearest wooden post (with yellow dot) 203deg.
  • The den is on the ridge of the tor S of Monts D’Arree box & approx. 500m distant. TV 53.5deg. White chimney 157deg Halt sign by road 337.5deg. Highest quartz peak 229.5deg. Lone 5’ high windswept tree 250deg & 9p away. Box under a veg. wad shoulder high in rock surrounded recess.

  • CRETE-SAMARIA GORGE-BB (35.29N/23.96E)
  • From Xylosealo walk down 8km to 8km BS then go 30p 45deg to small pine tree box is 2p further on.
  • From the top end of the Gorge at Xylosealo walk down the steps until you arrive at a post with a No5 on one side & a No8 on the other - stand with your back to the post & on your right just a little above the path is a very large boulder with a pine behind it - from here go 15p 55deg to a 3' square faced boulder embedded in the ground. Box tucked behind this well down under a rock when looking uphill.

  • At the seat of the High Kings of Tara is a spot known as the Fairy Tree. The Hill of Tara has been an important & mystic site in Ireland since ancient times & it still attracts people looking for a little magic in their lives. The Fairy Tree is said to make you wishes come true if you leave a token for the Fairy folk. Find the Fairy Tree - you'll need to walk past the mounds look for a tree standing a little on it's own on a ridge decked out in ribbons & charms. At the tree - stand facing it so that you can look back at the mounds. Look for the spot where coin offerings are left behind a rock under the roots is your first box.
  • From No1 box walk along the ridge back toward the car park until you have passed two more trees. After you have passed the second tree turn back & face the Fairy Tree then look at the tree you have just passed. A hollow in the tree sits waist high & deep inside is your second box.
  • From box No2 continue on along the ridge until you have gone three additional trees. When you reach this tree you will find a good spot to sit down at it's roots & gaze up at the seat of the king & down at his domain. This tree grows on a flat rock that makes a ledge. Under the ledge you will find the third box.
  • Your final box and the book to leave your mark is next. From box No3 stand up & look back at the Fairy Tree again you'll now notice an old low rock wall. Walk towards the wall & find a large bramble growing on it. To the right of the brambles you will find imbedded in the wall the symbol of another religion deeply entrenched in Irish history. At her feet are two largish rocks that can be pulled away. The box lies beneath.
  • In times of attack by invaders the monks of Glendalough are said to have hidden their treasures nearby at the Prezen Rock. From saddle between Mullacor and Lugduff take NNW track around Lugduff until Glendalough monastic round tower bears 69.5deg. Walk uphill 15p to box under 4'x 1.5' high rock. Cone of Croaghanmoira on skyline 176.5deg. Board walk tee junction at the Wicklow Way 147deg. The Prezen Rock is below and unseen.
  • Highest - Box under two small thin slabs forming an inverted V'. From summit cairn walk 95p 150deg. Cone of Croaghanmoira 135.5deg. Large boulder on skyline 281deg.

  • DINGLI CAVES (35.9N/14.46E)
  • From RHS of caves walk towards church to nearest wall corner - follow wall keeping it on the right in direction of twin masts until you reach a wall corner this wall joins on the other side of the wall you have been following approx. 28p. Go a further 10p. Box at base of wall behind small larva rock with larger lump in front.

  • THAYNGBOCHE (86.76E/27.83N) - Reported missing 29 Apr 2015
  • SE of the Gompa is a low wooded hill surmounted by a prayer flag podium. From here walk SE along ridge 30p box under boulder W of track.

  • Stone Mountain is located 16 miles east of downtown Atlanta GA. U.S.A. Take I-285 to Highway 78 East (exit 39B) Take the 'walk up trail' to the summit. Walk off from old chain and iron work just below summit 174deg 167p. to a 10inch long iron peg embedded in rock. From box iron peg is 130.5deg & 52p. away. Box plugged under a flat topped granite slab under trees.

  • W.ALGARVE-Mt.FOIA-PR (37.18N/8.37W)
  • Box under E side of a flat scallop shaped rock. From above site black & white trig 245deg. Dome 217deg. Nearby concrete mast approx. 26 zig zag paces 82deg. Road disappears 25deg. Top of NW tor 332deg. Cross on building 98deg.**Note** Box not visited for about 15 years. VERY difficult to get to box - ever tried a box which is surounded by gorse that was swaled 10 years earlier? Existence of box, and deterioration of adjacent vegetation reported to owner March 2016

  • GRYTOCKEN-SHACKLETON'S GRAVE (55S/37W) - Reported missing 29 Apr 2015
  • With your back against the grave walk up hill (in snow) 238p to white cross of a German. Go 25p 266deg box beneath rectangular rock outcrop.

  • From No18 above the door of cave overlooking the church. Look towards the church & see two tall upright trunks one leaning & one upright. From the upright trunk walk 4p uphill to find the letterbox under a rock 3p from the rock-face & at the end of a very low wall.
  • From large black monument (Monumento Natural De Andalucia Dunas De Artola) in car park go approx. 50p from NW corner on 280deg to lone pine tree/bush. Box is under low level tree branch on W side at ground level behind stones close to trunk.
  • Box in a hole on W side of a 2' wide crevice in rock outcrop below summit cairn which bears 127deg & is approx. 30p away (from above site). Port Of Soller lighthouse 307.5deg Radio pylons on skyline 225deg.
  • MIJAS-MONKEY No2-MP (36.5N/4.91W)
  • From main road above Mijas look for footpath which starts as a wall & a wooden finger post with PR-A-171. From here black bull on wall of bullring bears 173deg. Walk 25p along path past a small marker cairn with small metal cross with III on left. Continue another 26p to next cairn with IV on it - after another 12p find tree on left now go 4p 295deg box can be found in natural hole with pile of stones on top.
  • PICOS de EUROPA-PEGUIN-KG (43.1N/4.9W)
  • Under rock on bare summit of Rillares. Tree in gap on skyline 120deg Picos Europa Hotel 183deg Wall ends on 213deg Rillares heather covered top 252deg Pylon on hillside (visible from overhanging rock above site) 357deg Box at head of obvious gully which runs down in general direction of Arenas de Carbrales.

  • AKSARY-Mt.HASAN DAGI-IK (38.12N/34.18E)
  • From summit flagpole walk 25p E to box in small hole above small rock face. Inscription 'MUHAMMET YETER' (in red paint) on rock is SE & 11p away. (pill pot)

  • Box sited in the Consulor Section of the High Commission - PO Box 676 - Bridgetown - BARBADOS. Anyone who calls into this section and asks for the box will be given a big smile - a cup of tea and the box in question!