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Letterboxes are popping up all over the UK. This list is not exhaustive but provides other sources of information (links and contact details are not guaranteed by this website).

  • Cambridgeshire - Dry Drayton has it's own letterboxing website
  • Cornwall - Footprints Letterboxing Trail. Three trails in and around Cornwall. Contact Paul Manning (Tel 01726 72837)
  • Dartmoor - Official Dartmoor 100 Club website has plenty of information on the Dartmoor letterboxing scene
  • Isle of Man - A book 'Letterbox trail' by Mr Mike Southall may still be available from The IOM Scout Association. There is a website which may prove useful.
  • Lake District - Sterling Adventures visit letterboxes and have a blog of walks they have taken including letterboxes visited
  • New Forest - Letterboxes in the New Forest DO NOT appear on this website, they are catalogued by Gerald Maxted or Email
  • North Yorkshire - Letterboxes in this area are catalogued separately. Contact Nigel Ferguson or Email
  • South Downs - Many letterboxes in this area are catalogued on this website, additional information may be available from Mr Lindsay Stilwell (Tel 01798 831391) or Email

The following website may be of interest:

  • Geocaching is an alternative to letterboxing and has 'hybrid' variants in the guise of letterboxes
  • Mountains of England & Wales is a useful resource to find out where the remote locations are!
  • Wikipedia entry about letterboxing in UK and America