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NumberNameAreaCountyGrid RefClue
411Kangeroo BoxRackham HillWest SussexTQ 05 12From signpost, where footpaths cross follow track 80p on 165deg till between cypress and silver birch. Box is by roots of second cypress, 4p behind birch
412ScarecrowKington LangleyWiltshireST 92 76Clue can be found at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=86e1bd8b-e14d-4db5-8ff5-213461deb7a0
413Ravens Post - The SwampChilton FoliatWiltshireSU 31 70Clue can be found at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=76bcfb51-10f6-44ae-a3cb-b0634d84ff9f
414Pinkery PondExmoorSomersetSS 71 42Box at Woodbarrow Hangings. 1/3 way down valley LHS, lower of two bumps (covered rocks).
415Moorland MushroomsBodmin MoorCornwallSX 16 79Codda Tor hp/cairn 121.5deg , gates at 278deg, gap in rocks 63deg x 7 paces. Box under 1x3ft rock pointing east, hid well behind stones on S end of rocky outcrop.
416Moorland Mushrooms 2Bodmin MoorCornwallSX 15 80Summit rocks 252deg, sky pointing rock 324deg, small cave formed by rock 185deg x 3 paces. Box hid well under crack running East to West.
417Lizard PointLizardCornwallSW 70 11Box in outcrop of rocks under large rock. Apex of LH building 259 deg. from 20ft above box site, black fog horns 075deg. Box ground level under flatish rock near part of outcrop with 1ft split