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NumberNameAreaCountyGrid RefClue
401Four Tors Letterbox Walk No 2 (Kilmar Tor)Bodmin MoorCornwallSX 25 74From Bearah Tor junction on railway track go 40p 13deg to upside down heart shaped rock. Kilmar Trig 23deg, Boundary stones 220deg and 246deg
402Four Tors Letterbox Walk No 1 (Bearah Tor)Bodmin MoorCornwallSX 25 74Box situated LHS of small cave. Obvious pointed rock in line with 2 hawthorns 82deg, TV mast 158 deg, middle of middle cairn 195deg, Kit Hill 107deg (on a clear day)
403Four Tors Letterbox Walk No 1 (Sharp Tor)Bodmin MoorCornwallSX 25 73From lone hawthorn N of tor go 27p 139deg. From box, obvious rounded boulder 100deg, track disappears into quarry 6deg, LH outcrop of Kilmar Tor 312deg.
404In Memory of the Cairn Builders - Wild Boar FellHowgill FellsWest YorkshireSD 76 98Box under rock on SW side of hollow below sheep track running along edge of High White Scar approx 350m from style. Y junction on Ais Gill 150deg, bend in road by railway bridge 127deg, Hanging Lund farm house 83deg, tarn on Low White Scar is visible from box.
405Fan FawrBrecon BeaconPowysSN 96 19Box behind stone in grassy bank on E side of shallow gully overlooking Cantref and Llwyn-On reservoirs. Point where path reaches skyline on Corn Du 65deg, point where forest disappears over ridge 130deg.
406In Memory of the Cairn Builders - Carn PicaBrecon BeaconsPowysSO 06 20Box approx 170m x 297deg from cairn in grassy bank behind stone overlooking Cefn Edmwnt on E end of Craig Pwllfa. Lone tree in gully 314deg, highest point on Pen Y Bryn 10 deg.
407Waun FachBlack MountainsPowysSO 21 30Box approx 320m x 47deg from trig point base low down in heathery bank behind stone in shallow gully. Pen Y Gadair Fawr cairn 140deg.
408Pen y Gadair FawrBlack MountainsPowysSO 22 28Box approx 210m x 151deg from summit cairn under flat 6ft x 4ft rock behind stone. Pen Y Fan 256deg, N end of Pen Ally Mawr 208deg, N end of Mynydd Troed 280deg.
409The Legend of King Arthur - Dozmary PoolBodmin MoorCornwallSX 19 72Due to access restrictions, enter Brown Gelly through gate at SX 19479 72711. Box approx 250p x 20deg from trig point under 2ft x 1ft PVC rock in small hole behind stone in ‘rock gully’ to S of Dozmary Pool. Kilmar Tor 65deg, Brown Willy 328deg, Caradon Mast 102deg.
410Eager Eagle Letterboxer in SussexHigh TittenWest SussexTQ 03 12Park at the top of "High Titten" near the T junction at TQ 033 124, Walk up the lane a short distance to "No Through Path" on right at TQ 034 125. Follow path for 1km to end. Then 299p on initially 75deg to 8ft kinked ashtree above path. Then 99p further to 7ft hazel trunk bridging path from right to left. Then Yomp 19p on 309deg to seat 99 (a 12ft diameter, 18ft tall bit of upright telegraph pole). Box is 9p on 199deg, under stones. (TQ 030 121).