This website was setup and is administered by Paul Gamble (AKA The Stationary Traveller). This site is aimed at those with an interest in the outdoors and more particularly 'Letterboxing' around the UK. This online database was created to allow users the opportunity to easily find letterboxes near where they live.

I started exploring Dartmoor during the late 70's and early 80's and found letterboxing an ideal way to learn more about Dartmoor, its customs and antiquities. Since these early days the numbers of Dartmoor letterboxes have steadily increased year on year. I have decided that at this current time only two Dartmoor Letterboxes will be included in this website; namely Cranmere Pool and Ducks Pool. There are now thousands of letterboxes scattered across Dartmoor which are already well documented and catalogued by members of the Dartmoor 100 Club.

Letterboxing is meant to be fun. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities and it gets them out into the fresh air to see what is beyond the urban environment. Don't let others spoil your enjoyment.

Using this website

To get the most from this website, make sure that you register and then regularly login so that you can search through the website for letterboxes in your area.